Monday, 3 July 2017

DT work - Challenge no 38 - Mixed media textures and shine

Hello Everyone ,
Here I am presenting my DT work for IQC challenge no 38 "Mixed media textures and shine"
This is my very first attempt of mixed media work and I had lot of fun exploring some techniques and seeing the results.

Here is my work

find below the challenge image and the link to the bog to view the challenge details

About my work:
I chose paper-to-paper colour transferring technique for the background by punching some rose , pink and orange card stocks. Placed all the punches dipped in water ,over a 300 gsm watercolur paper. kept them for a while allowing some time for the colours of the cardstock to transfer on the watercolour paper and peeled them off. thus it gave a beautiful and mild shaded doted/ circled patterned background.

(A closer look of the work)

A thick rectangular cardboard was rolled using a thick thread and wrapped using crushed aluminium foil for the texture. glass colours of red , blue and green are then used for giving a shiny finish. It was then pasted over which a flower was quilled using 5mm strips of different colours and green leaves and swirls were pasted around them. for extra shines , i cut some golden embellishments and placed them at the top and bottom corners .

I never finish without trying a jhumka and so tried this time too.
Here it is:

Hope you all like this piece of work. Looking forward for your work too. Please visit the IQC blog for complete challenge details and link your projects here

Cheers and good luck,
Aparna balakrishnan(shequills)