Wednesday, 1 June 2016

DT post ----- Childhood - IQCG Challenge no 27

Hello everyone,
A warm welcome to my blog once again. Today I am here to inspire you with my work on the #27 IQCG challenge theme 'childhood'..

I have tried my level best to create a kids park as my inspirational work, with the little time I had in my hands after my llllloooonnnnggg vacation.

Most of us or each of us would have those sweet cherishing memories in our minds, of our childhood days, that we spent in a park nearby, during evening hours isnt it??:)):)) 
So just gave it a try to visually bring back those wonderful and joyful moments for your eyes for few moments.

Here is the challenge image and the link of the challenge details that you can find in the IQCG blog.

Link of the challenge blog post:

Thanking Shivani Goyal from whom I borrowed the idea of using the base of the cake, for some craft, and hence it was reserved. This time I made use of it in creating the full set up over that base and handmade papers in orange and green were used to create the three indoor entertainment stuffs ;
a slide, a seesaw and a swing.

Quilling strips of 5mm in shades of  blue, pink, red and green were used to create the figures of kids playing those equipments , flower pots and flowers placed around the entrance and in the centre of the park, benches to sit here and there and fences and grasses surrounding the area. 

Some more views of it

I started with creating the grasses by cutting the green quilling strips into tiny pieces, trimmed them off to a grass look, and pasted around the cake base, leaving some space for the entrance. Then the handmade papers are cut accordingly to create the play equipments and entrance of the park. once I finished them , the quilling figures were created and placed on the play stuffs . Flowers , pots and benches were then added one by one and finally the runny glue(glue+water)was applied all around the flat surface to complete the sand filling.

Its so cute to see and I like it very much as this is my first craft module. So this piece will be seen in my navratri kolu this year:)):))for sure

Please leave you comments and feedbacks if my work inspires you and participate in our challenge to show the world who you are what you are. Also visit my page shequills to view my other craft works and quilling stuffs.

-Looking forward to see your work 
-Aparna Balakrishnan(shequills)

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